Nature Nanotechnology Wenjie Sun Associate Editor 9月18日下午报告


PresenterDr. Wenjie Sun

Associate Editor, Nature Nanotechnology 

TopicPublishing in Nature Nanotechnology

Time15: 30 - 17: 30 PM, September 18nd (Friday)

LocationConference Room B, BLDG 909


Wenjie will talk about the scope of Nature Nanotechnology, the relationship of Nature Nanotechnology with Nature and other Nature Research journals. And she will share her experience on the editorial process (the workflow and the statistical data) and disclose the criteria of Nature journals from an insider’s view. Through the talk, you will know better on what kind of papers a highly selective journal is looking for, how the editors decide whether to send a paper out or not, what they will do when the reviewers’ comments are contradictory. And Wenjie is happy to share with you her personal experience as an editor if you are interested and what they are doing to increase fairness and transparency of publishing.


Wenjie Sun joined Nature Nanotechnology in January 2017, following the completion after PhD at ETH Zurich, Switerland, She received her master’s degree on colloid and interface chemistry and bachelor’s degree on applied chemistry at Shandong University, China. During her PhD at ETH, she focused on the enzyme biochemistry and biophysics within soft matter systems. Wenjie is based in Shanghai.