The 4th Workshop on Physics in Organic Optoelectronics



December 9, 2016 (Friday)

Venue: Conference Room B, BLDG 909-1F, Dushuhu Campus

08:30 - 08:40

Opening Ceremony


Session 1 (Chair: Norbert Koch)

08:40 - 09:10

Speaker: Hisao Ishii (Chiba University)

Title: High-Sensitivity Photoemission Spectroscopy of OLED-related Films: Photoemission from Shallow States above Fermi Level

09:10 - 09:40

Speaker: Guanghao Lu (Xi'an Jiaotong University)

Title: Film-depth-dependent Light Absorption and Charge Transport for Polymer Electronics

09:40 - 10:10

Speaker: Suidong Wang (Soochow University)

Title: Organic Field-Effect Transistor Nonvolatile Memories: Elucidation of Electron and Hole Trapping Mechanism


10:10 - 10:30

Group Photo & Coffee Break


Session 2 (Chair: Hisao Ishii)

10:30 - 11:00

Speaker: Norbert Koch (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Title: Tailoring Interface Energy Levels with Molecular Acceptors, Donors, and Switches: Relevance for Opto-Electronic Devices

11:00 - 11:30

Speaker: Hiroyuki Yoshida (Chiba University)

Title: Evolution of Energy Bands of Occupied and Unoccupied Molecular Orbitals Due to Intermolecular π-orbital Interaction

11:30 - 12:00

Speaker: Steffen Duhm (Soochow University)

Title:Energetics and Vertical Adsorption Distances at Organic-Metal Interfaces


12:00 - 14:00



Session 3 (Chair: Steffen Duhm)

14:00 - 14:30

Speaker: Satoshi Kera (Institute for Molecular Science)

Title:Mass, Momentum and Energy of an Electron in Rubrene Single Crystal

14:30 - 15:00

Speaker: Xiaotao Hao (Shandong University)

Title: Imaging Photophysical Dynamics in Heterogeneous Polymer Films for Organic Solar Cells

15:00 - 15:30

Speaker: Qing Li (Soochow University)

Title:Surface Chemistry and Surface Catalysis

15:30 - 16:20

Coffee Break & Posters


Session 4 (Chair: Satoshi Kera)

16:20 - 16:50

Speaker: Takatoshi Fujita (Institute for Molecular Science)

Title:Dynamics of Frenkel and Charge Transfer Excitons in DNTT Thin Films

16:50 - 17:20

Speaker: Jian Zhang (Guilin University of Electronic Technology)

Title: Interface Engineering in Organic/Perovskite Solar Cells

17:20 - 17:50

Speaker: Jianxin Tang (Soochow University)

Title: Light Manipulation in Organic Optoelectronics


Closing Remarks



Poster Presentations


Moths Eye Nanostructures Based Organic Solar Cells

Jingde Chen, Soochow University




Metal-insulator Transition of VO2 Tailors Organic-inorganic Coupling

Keke Fu,Soochow University




Thin Films of Phenacenes

Jan Hagenlocher, Eberhard Karls Universiät Tübingen




Halide-substituted Electronic Properties of Organometal Halide Perovskite Films

Chi Li, Soochow University




Sensitive Dependence of SnOx Film Properties on Sputtering Power

Yunpeng Li, Shandong University




Low-voltage Organic Field-effect Transistors with C Nanoparticles Modified Low-k Dielectrics

Jie Liu, Soochow University




The Impacts of Central Metal of Phthalocyanine on the Electronic Structure and Device Properties

Chiaki Numata, Chiba University




Hybridization of Electronic State at Lander-Type Molecule/Metal Interface Studied by Angle-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Ryo Shiraishi, Institute for Molecular Science




Physisorption–induced Orbital Energy Rearrangement: Perfluoropentacene on Ag(111)

Takahiro Ueba, Institute for Molecular Science




Picene Thin Films on Metal Surfaces: Impact of Molecular Shape on Interfacial Coupling

Qi Wang,Soochow University




Charge Transport Dependent High Open Circuit Voltage Tandem Organic Photovoltaic Cells with Low Temperature Deposited HATCN-based Charge Recombination Layer

Huaixin Wei, Suzhou University of Science and Technology




Enhanced Light Harvesting in Perovskite Solar Cells via Nanostructures Patterned Fullerene Passivation Layers

Jian Wei,Soochow University




Switching Hole and Electron Transports of Molecules on Metal Oxides by Energy Level Alignment Tuning

Ruipeng Xu,Soochow University




Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Ionization Energy

for Phenacene Derivatives

Takuma Yamaguchi, Institute for Molecular Science




Quantitative Study of The Fermi Level Tuning in Amorphous Organic Semiconductor by Molecular Doping

Jinpeng Yang, Yangzhou University




Balanced Light Emission in White Transparent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Composite Electrodes

Yibo Zhang, Soochow University




Efficient Color-Stable Inverted White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Outcoupling-Enhanced ZnO Layer

Xindong Zhao, Soochow University




Heterojunction Effect on Contact Resistance Minimization in Staggered Pentacene Thin-Film Transistors

Yanan Zhong, Soochow University




Speckle Image Holography Modulated Organic Light-emitting Diodes with Engineered Emission Profile

Lei Zhou, Huaiyin Institute of Technology




The Interfacial Energetics and Charge Transfer Dynamics at Mixed Halide Perovskite/Fullerene Layers

Fengshuo Zu,Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin