Manuel E. Brito 教授


Manuel E. Brito

Ph.D., Professor

Prof. Manuel E. Brito is a native of the República Bolivariana de Venezuela (委内瑞拉) who has been continuously resident of Japan since 1982. He joined College of Nano Science and Technology, Soochow University in May 2019. He received an Eng. D. degree from Nagaoka University of Technology in 1989. After post-doctoral research in National Institute for Inorganic Materials (presently National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)), he served during 21 years at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) where he rose through the tenured ranks from research official (civil servant) to Chief research scientist. In AIST he was mainly associated to national projects on structural ceramics and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Although he is well known for his work on the development of silicon nitride structural ceramics, the last 15 years his research focused on microstructural characterization of dissimilar material interfaces in solid oxide cells. In April 2013, he moved back to academia as professor at Clean Energy Research Center of University of Yamanashi (Japan). He has more than 180 peer reviewed publications, 70+ peer reviewed proceedings, and 16 international patents on diverse topics of materials science, materials development and materials characterization. In accordance to Google Scholar, he has over 5500 citations and an h-index of 39.

(Excerpt from Research Statement) Over the years, my research work in Materials Science has been sustained by: i) accurate identification of interfacial phenomena, ii) laboratory-scale reproduction (modeling) of the interfacial phenomena, and iii) multidisciplinary collaboration to accurately interpret experimental evidence conducive to the understanding of underlying mechanisms.


(Excerpt from Teaching Statement) I firmly believe that research and teaching constitute two important and inseparable aspects of the work of a scientist.It is only when we, scientists, are able to share with the younger generation our ideas and knowledge, and instill in them the interest and the passion that fuels the scientific work, that we can say we are contributing to the advancement of science and humankind.


Ph. D. Energy and Environment Science, Nagaoka University of Technology, Nagaoka, Japan, 1989

M. Eng. Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology Nagaoka, Japan, 1986

B. Sc. Materials Engineering, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela, 1982


Academic experience 

2013-2019: Professor, Clean Energy Research Center, University of Yamanashi, Japan.

2011-present: Invited Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China.

2002-2003: Visiting Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.

2002-2003: Visiting Professor, Nagasaki University, Japan.

2002-2013: Invited Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.

1989-1990: Assistant Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan.


Non-academic experience

2003-2013: Senior Research Scientist and Chief Research Scientist (tenured), Tsukuba Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST, Japan,

2001-2003: Senior Research Scientist (tenured), Chubu Center National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST (change upon organization rearrangement), Japan.

1992-2001: Senior Research Officer (tenured), National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya (NIRIN), Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.

1990-1992: Science and Technology Agency (STA) Fellow, National Institute for Inorganic Materials (NIRIM), Science and Technology Agency (presently National Institute for Materials Science, NIMS), Japan.

1982-1983: Engineer, Entry Level Trainee, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela.


Current membership in professional organizations

2005-2019        Materials Research Society-Japan

2003-present    The Electrochemical Society (USA)

2003-present    The SOFC Society of Japan

1992-2008        The American Ceramic Society (USA)

1990-2004        The Japanese Society of Microscopy (Japan)

1989-present    Material Research Society (USA)

1982-2003        The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (Japan)


Honors and awards

2009/04 - 2013/03     Standing Trustee, Materials Research Society, Japan

2004/04 - 2007/03     Administrative Advisory Board, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

1999/07                     The 58th Notable Invention of The Science and Technology Agency, Japan

1990/04 - 1992/03     STA Fellowship, Science and Technology Agency of Japan

1982/10 - 1989/09    Graduate Studies Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MONBUSHO), Japan


Keynote Presentations (last 5 years)

“From Ceramics to Ceramics: From Energy to Energy” 36th International Congress of Metallurgy and Materials, Saltillo, Mexico, November 2015. Plenary Lecture.

“Cation diffusion in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs): a microstructural perspective” Frontiers in Materials Research & Applications, Ferozepur, India, October 2014. Keynote Lecture.

“Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs): The Good Old Materials Science?” International Materials Research Congress 2014. Cancun, Mexico, August 2014. Plenary Lecture.

Publications (last 5 years)

  1. M. E. Brito, H. Morishita, J. Yamada, H. Nishino, H. Uchida, “Further improvements in performances of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3− δ-doped ceria composite oxygen electrodes with infiltrated doped ceria nanoparticles for reversible oxide cells”, J. Power Sources 427, 293-298 (2019).

  2. R. Nishikawa, H. Nishino, M. E. Brito, K. Kakinuma “Synthesis and evaluation of double-layer electrodes using a Ni–BaCe0.50Zr0.27Y0.20Ni0.03O3− δ cermet with a fused-aggregate network structure as the hydrogen electrode of", J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn. 126 (3), 208-213 (2018).

  3. R. Nishikawa, K. Kakinuma, H. Nishino, M. E. Brito, S. Gopalan, H. Uchida, “Synthesis and Evaluation of Ni Catalysts Supported on BaCe0.5Zr0.3−xY0.2NixO3− δ with Fused-Aggregate Network Structure for the Hydrogen Electrode of Solid Oxide” Catalysts 7 (7), 223 (2017).

  4. K. Shimura, H. Nishino, K. Kakinuma, M.E. Brito, H. Uchida, “High Durability of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3− δ samaria-doped ceria (SDC) composite oxygen electrode with SDC interlayer for reversible solid oxide fuel cell/solid oxide electrolysis cell”, J. Ceram. Soc. Japan, 125 (4), 218-222 (2017)

  5. K. Shimura, H. Nishino, K. Kakinuma, M.E. Brito, H. Uchida, “Effect of samaria-doped ceria (SDC) interlayer on the performance of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ /SDC composite oxygen electrode for reversible solid oxide fuel cells” Electrochimica Acta 225, 114-120, (2017).

  6. L. Fan, Y. Wang, Z. Jia, Y. Xiong, M.E. Brito, “Nanofiber-structured SSC-GDC composite cathodes for a LSGM electrolyte based IT-SOFCs”, Ceramics International, 41 (5), 6583-6588 (2015).

  7. T. Horita, M. Nishi, T. Shimonosono, H. Kishimoto, K. Yamaji, M.E. Brito, H. Yokokawa, “Visualization of oxide ionic diffusion at SOFC at cathode/electrolyte interfaces by isotope labeling techniques”, Solid State Ionics, 262, 398-402, (2014).

  8. H. Kishimoto, H. Suzuki, T. Shimonosono, M. Nishi, K. Yamaji, M.E. Brito, H. Yokokawa, F. Munakata, T. Horita, “Effect of the oxide substrate on the nickel particle properties”, Solid State Ionics, 262, 403-406, (2014).

  9. F. F. Wang, M.E. Brito, K. Yamaji, D. H. Cho, M. Nishi, H. Kishimoto, T.Horita, H. Yokokawa, “Effect of polarization on Sr and Zr diffusion behavior in LSCF/GDC/YSZ system”, Solid State Ionics, 262, 454-459, (2014).

  10. F.F. Wang, M. Nishi, M.E. Brito, H. Kishimoto, K. Yamaji, H. Yokokawa, T. Horita, “Sr and Zr diffusion in LSCF/10GDC/8YSZ triplets for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)” Journal of Power Sources, 258, 281- 289, (2014).

  11. R. Nishida, P. Puengjinda, H. Nishino, K. Kakinuma, M.E. Brito, M. Watanabe, H. Uchida, “High-performance electrodes for reversible solid oxide fuel cell/solid oxide electrolysis cell: Ni-Co dispersed ceria hydrogen electrodes”, RSC Advances, 4(31), 16260-16266, (2014).

  12. Z. H. Wang, G. Y. Shi, J. F. Xia, Y. Z. Xia, F. F. Zhang, L. Xia, D. M. Song, J. Q. Liu, Y.H. Li, L. H. Xia, M.E. Brito, ”Facile preparation of a Pt/Prussian blue/graphene composite and its application as an enhanced catalyst for methanol oxidation” Electrochimica Acta, 121, 245- 252, (2014).


    Full lists of publications are available in:



11 Japanese patents; 5 US patents.  

  1. Method of producing porous silicon nitride ceramics having high strength and low thermal conductivity (Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Motohiro Toriyama, Shuzo Kanzaki, Hisayuki Imamura, Takene Hirai, Yasuhiro Shigegaki) US P 5,968,426 1999.10.19

  2. Porous silicon nitride with rod like grains oriented (Motohiro Toriyama, Kiyoshi Hirao. Manuel E. Brito, Shuzo Kanzaki, Yasuhiro Shigegaki) US P 5,935,888 1999.08.10

  3. Silicon nitride ceramics having a high reliability and a method for production thereof (Motohiro Toriyama, Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Shuzo Kanzaki, Yasuhiro Shigegaki) US P5,866,245 1999.02.02

  4. High-strength, high-toughness silicon nitride sinter (Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Shuzo Kanzaki) US P5,705,449 1998.01.06

  5. Method for producing a high-strength, high-toughness silicon nitride sinter (Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Shuzo Kanzaki) US P5,674,793 1997.10.07


Edited Books

  1. M. E. Brito, E. Case and W. M. Kriven “Developments in Porous, Biological and Geopolymer Ceramics”, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings 28(9), 2008/08/20

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Contact information

Office: Room F101E, Building 910, Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials (FUNSOM), Soochow University, 199 Ren-ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China 215123


Phone: 86-512-65883075