2013.11.22-24 Annual Meeting 2013 on NSFC’s Major Project ‘Optoelectronic Conversion Materials for Energy’ 

2013.11.3 FUNSOM/CNST Academic Committee 3rd Meeting

2013.10.23-26 NSFC’s Forum on Major Research Plans in Micro/Nano-Structured Optoelectronics during the 13th Five-Year of China

2013.10.21-24 The 12th National Symposium of Computational Chemistry (NSCC)

2013.7.30-8.5 The 3rd SUN-WIN Bilateral Workshop

2013.7.22-24 The 1st Summer School of Soochow University-Western University Centre for Synchrotron Radiation Research

2013.5.8 FUNSOM-INRS Workshop

2013.3.31-4.1 Conference of Material Science Progress

Editor: Xiaoyu Jin