Academic Talk: Essential Concepts to PCCP


Presenter: Prof. Changqing Sun (Nanyang Technological University)

Topic: Essential Concepts to PCCP

Time: 2:30 PM, April 24th (Tuesday)

Location: 909-B


Bonds and electrons responding to perturbations such as atomic irregular-coordination, strain, compression, thermal activation, etc., mediate the structure and property of substance. Fine-resolution and consistently-insight into the stimulus-bond-property correlation become increasingly important. This presentation emphasizes the essentiality of concepts of bond relaxation, quantum entrapment and polarization for the irregularly-coordinated systems and concepts of hydrogen bond (O:H-O) cooperativity, anti-hydrogen-bond, super-hydrogen-bond, single bond specific heat, quasisolidity, supersolidity for water, ice, aqueous solutions, and electron lone-pair contained systems. With the aid of the bond relaxation theory and electron/phonon spectrometrics, we have been able to gain the atomistic, local, dynamic and quantitative information on the bond length, bond energy, binding energy density, atomic cohesive energy, and electronic entrapment and polarization of solid and liquid substance under various perturbations. Progress may exemplify an efficient way of thinking about and mediating materials from the perspective of engineering bonds and electrons and advancing the capabilities of the currently available electron and phonon spectroscopies.


Prof. Changqing Sun received his PhD in Physics at Murdoch University in 1996 and then joined NTU to date, Dr Sun has been working on Chemisorption, Nanophysics, Multifield Single-Bond Mechanics, Water Ice and Solvation with development of a set of theoretical and spectrometric strategies. His contribution has been documented in three monographs [1-3] in both English and Chinese version and some 20 treatises featured in Chem Rev, Surf Sci Rep, Prog Mater Sci., etc. [4-6].


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Contact: Prof. Youyong Li

Editor: Juan Yang