Arthur Carty won the Jiangsu International Cooperation Contribution Award


The Province of Jiangsu presents to Prof. Arthur Carty, Honorary Dean of College of Nano Science & Technology Soochow University (CNST), honorary director of SUN-WIN Joint Research Institute for Nanotechnology, the Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution in International Cooperation of Jiangsu’.

Prof. Carty served as Canada’s first National Science Advisor to the Prime Minister and the Government from 2004-2008. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (FAAAS). Prof. Carty is also an Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honour and an Officer de l’Ordre National du Mérite of France.

Prof. Carty created the connection between University of Waterloo, Soochow University and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). In his active promotion, University of Waterloo and Soochow University established the SUN-WIN Joint Research Institute for Nanotechnology, signed and implemented the cultivate agreement between Soochow University and the University of Waterloo (e.g. master "3 + 1 + 1", undergraduate "2 + 2", Doctor "2 + 2", visiting scholar programs), set up the tripartite council among Soochow University, University of Waterloo and SIP, and tripartite cooperation to build CNST. At present, all of these agreements signed in the scientific research cooperation, student exchange, etc. are in progress smoothly. For example, 24 research cooperation projects have been granted, 4 bilateral academic forums and 4 tripartite council meetings have been held by SUN-WIN. In students joint training projects, 12 students from Soochow University joined the "2 + 2" undergraduate program, 19 students joined the "3 + 1 +1" master program, 1 joined the "2 + 2" PhD program, 17 students joined the 4 months short-term exchange program. In addition, Soochow University also received 7 sessions of a total of 132 Co-op students from University of Waterloo.

Under the effort of Prof. Carty, the cooperation between the two universities has expanded from the initial field of nanotechnology to pharmacy, chemistry, materials science, physics and other disciplines, cooperation areas involving scientific research cooperation, student training, staff exchange training and other various aspects.

Finally, we would like to thank Prof. Carty for his great contribution to the development of collaboration between University of Waterloo and Soochow University and express our sincerely congratulations to Prof. Carty!

Editor: Yajing Liu