Academic Talk: Coupled Organic-Inorganic Nanostructures (COINs)


Presenter: Prof.Frank Schreiber (Institute of Applied Physics, Tuebingen University, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany)

Topic: Coupled Organic-Inorganic Nanostructures (COINs)

Time: 10:00 AM, May 14th(Tuesday)

Location: Conference Room B, BLDG 909-1F


We discuss the emerging field of coupled conjugates of quantum dots and organic semiconductors, referred to as ‘‘coupled organic–inorganic nanostructures’’ (COIN). We indicate some aspects of their optical properties and highlight suitable descriptions of their electrical transport behavior. In particular, we discuss the key role of the electronic structure at the interface of COINs and the impact of structural / morphological features on the optoelectronic properties [1].

For a detailed structural characterization, we demonstrate the use of nanobeams for diffraction from microscopically small parts of a sample [2]. Exploiting this simultaneously for small angle as well as wide angle X-ray scattering (SAXS and WAXS) on a microscopic grain of a COIN, we show how for a single grain X-ray cross correlation analysis (XCCA) can be employed. We obtain a complete map of correlations between the atomic lattice order and the mesoscopic superlattice order, with the opportunity to quantify even small levels of angular disorder. Finally, we comment on the implications for device applications.

Financial support by the DFG and contributions by numerous students and collaborators are gratefully acknowledged, including in particular M. Scheele and I. Vartanyants.


[1] M. Scheele et al., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.17 (2015) 97

[2]I. A. Zaluzhnyy et al., ACS Nano Lett.17 (2017) 3511

Editor: Juan Yang