TUM-SU Bilateral Workshop


Organized by the Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials (FUNSOM), Technische Universitaet München (TUM) –Soochow University (SU) Bilateral Workshop took place on Oct. 30-31, 2017 on the Dushu Lake Campus of Soochow University. Based on the initiation of a Joint Graduated School, the meeting is focusing on the theme of “Charge and Energy Transfer in Nanosystems (CENTRANS)”.


The workshop invited 7 experts from TUM, including Prof. Martin Stutzmann, Prof. Martin Brandt, Prof. Katharina Krischer, Prof. Ian Sharp, Prof. Corinna Hess, Dr. Gregor Koblmüller and Dr. Ursula Wurstbauer.


At the beginning, Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee, Director of FUNSOM, gave the welcome remarks. On behalf of TUM, Prof. Stutzmann also gave an opening remark to thank for all the participants to join the cooperation. The workshop was divided into 5 sessions, including 7 academic reports from TUM and 9 presentations from FUNSOM, SU, as well as discussions and open channel communications to extending  collaborations in the near future. During the discussion, future partnerships and plan for the next step was identified in detail. Lastly, a lab tour was arranged to show the advanced experimental equipments and platform in FUNSOM.

As the start of bilateral cooperation, the success of this workshop greatly strengthens the connection between faculties in both sides, and provides a good opportunity to promote the future collaborations. This will be the essential step for the success of the Joint Graduated School. 

Editor: Danting Xiang