J. Am. Chem. Soc.: Interfacial Synthesis of Highly Stable CsPbX3/Oxide Janus Nanoparticles



Interfacial Synthesis of Highly Stable CsPbX3/Oxide Janus Nanoparticles


Huicheng Hu,†,‡ Linzhong Wu,†,§,‡ Yeshu Tan,†,‡ Qixuan Zhong, Min Chen, Yinghua Qiu,† Di Yang, Baoquan Sun,†,* Qiao Zhang,†,* and Yadong Yin§,*


Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Carbon-Based Functional Materials and Devices Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials (FUNSOM) Soochow University 199 Ren’ai Road, Suzhou, 215123 Jiangsu, P. R. China

§Department of Chemistry, University of California, Riverside, Riverside, California 92521 United States


The poor stability of CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) nanocrystals has severely impeded their practical applications. Although there are some successful examples on encapsulating multiple CsPbX3 nanocrystals into an oxide or polymer matrix, it has remained a serious challenge for the surface modification/encapsulation using oxides or polymers at a single particle level. In this work, monodisperse CsPbX3/SiO2 and CsPbBr3/Ta2O5 Janus nanoparticles were successfully prepared by combining a water-triggered transformation process and a sol-gel method. The CsPbBr3/SiO2 nanocrystals exhibited a photoluminescence quantum yield of 80% and a lifetime of 19.8 ns. The product showed dramatically improved stability against destruction by air, water, and light irradiation. Upon continuous irradiation by intense UV light for 10 h, a film of the CsPbBr3/SiO2 Janus nanocrystals showed only a slight drop (2%) in the PL intensity, while a control sample of unmodified CsPbBr3 nanocrystals displayed a 35% drop. We further highlighted the advantageous features of the CsPbBr3/SiOnanocrystals in practical applications by using them as the green light source for the fabrication of a prototype white light-emitting diode, and demonstrated a wide color gamut covering up to 138% of the National Television System Committee standard. This work not only provides a novel approach for the surface modification of individual CsPbX3 nanocrystals but also helps to address the challenging stability issue, therefore it has an important implication toward their practical applications






Editor: Danting Xiang