Joint Education Programs

Joint Education Programs

1. “2+2” Doctoral Degree Program

“2+2” doctoral degree program is a joint training program for PhD students between Soochow University (SU) and the Cooperative University (University of Waterloo, Western University, National Institute of Scientific Research or other famous universities which have cooperative work with the supervisor in SU). Before applying the program, students need to contact with supervisors from both universities forward.

During the program, students have to study in SU for two consecutive years, and take instruction from both Universities’ supervisors. After meet all the requirements from both universities, students will achieve Doctor’s Degree from the Cooperative University.

2. Public Abroad Project

This project is funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC). According to The National Public Graduate Project Selection Method, government will select outstanding postgraduate students to the first-class universities/institutions in foreign countries.

3. Short-term Exchange Program

To improve international perspective of postgraduate students in CNST/FUNSOM,CNST/FUNSOM encourages supervisors to send postgraduate students to foreign countries for short-term study. Generally, the students will be funded by supervisor and the University.

(Editor: Xiaoyu Jin)