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Brief Introduction to the Laboratory


The Functional Nano & Soft Materials Laboratory (abbreviated as FUNSOM) was founded at Soochow University based on its academic advantages of chemistry, materials science, physics, and electronics. This laboratory was led by Academician Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee and joined by his new research team.


  FUNSOM focuses on innovative research and technology development of functional nano & soft materials. This Lab conducts both fundamental and applied researches in an interdisciplinary way on molecular design and synthesis of the functional nano and soft materials, organic optoelectronic materials and devices, nano biosensing and detecting technology, as well as physics and characteristics of soft materials.


  This Lab will exploit world-class, creative, and unique research fields, form a R&D chain of “molecular design, material synthesis, device fabrication, technology application”, aiming at proprietary high-performance materials and devices, and world-leading research achievements. This Lab will be developed into both high-level academic research platform and high-level technology transition platform; it will enhance the interdisciplinary researches in chemistry, physics, materials science, electronics, biomedical sciences as well as in some other engineering fields.



  It will cultivate young talents and form an academic echelon with strong background in the interdisciplinary fields. Moreover, this Lab will push forward the commercialization of nanotechnology and generate new and high-tech economical growth opportunities.


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